Samsung LE26B350 Review

Let’s be clear, this 26-inch Samsung LCD TV is an entry-level LCD TV,

It doesn’t come with all the elegant features and cinematic effects that one would want in the home of your dreams. But, if you want a good TV, for a low-cost LCD TV that can instantly update your living room, the Samsung LE26B350 will do exactly that for you. On the one hand, the 26-inch Samsung LE26B350 LCD TV shows stunning deep black images for its class provides precise colors and has a wide selection of image controls, not to mention that it definitely looks great. On the negative side, it can be a little, just a little, much more expensive than other LCD TVs in its level, in addition, given enough space on the side, it does not provide any input on its side panel.

Small-screen LCD televisions may not be what many television enthusiasts dream of, but for anyone who doesn’t have space or money to spend, the Samsung LE26B350 is truly exceptional in terms of image quality, although it comes with a price which is heavier than its competitors.

For starters,

the Samsung LE26B350 LCD TV is not your usual LCD TV, it has a simple but elegant design with a glossy black finish. While it seems that his designs could be generic for other LCD TVs in his class, he has a series of touches that set him apart and will certainly look great in any living room. A notable feature of the design is the base of the oval support, it fits well with the design of the frame, especially the transparent plastic that protrudes along the bottom edge that passes through the frame, and the best part is that the support pivots.

Being the man under the totem of the Samsung LCD TV range, the Samsung LE26B350 is not endowed with high-end qualities; It only offers a native resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels or 720p, comparatively smaller than 1080p models in the upper classes. However, this is not an obstacle, since, with its smaller screen size, it is not really necessary to have a high resolution. In addition, with the Samsung LE26B350, there are many options to adjust the image quality, allowing you to get the best images you want. The 26-inch Samsung LE26B350 TV has a number of menu options for adjustment, such as its 3 adjustable image modes, each independent of its input. There are also controls available to customize the color temperature to improve presets, and the feature of this model in its class is the availability of white balance control for six main configurations.

Another need for an LCD television should be the availability of many connection options.

Unfortunately, the Samsung LE26B350 only has the basics and would make you want to have more. And with enough space on its sides, Samsung has failed to provide more plugs for easy accessibility. What you will find with the Samsung LE26B350 are the simple basics; You get two HDMI ports, composite video output, and a component. There is also an analog and optical audio output, a 3.5 mm audio input and RF inputs for cable or antenna.

Overall, the Samsung LE26B350 is a great LCD TV for someone who just wants a magnificent TV with good TV performance. It is not spectacular, but it is better than those of its class. For its price, it is definitely a good value.

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