Toshiba 37XV635DB Review

The Toshiba 37XV635DB is a great value TV that you should be looking for to offer all the features.

You need at a very affordable price. All the video innovations, energy savings, and sound advances. You might want are part of this package.

With Toshiba and the spectacular Resolution-Plus system, you can watch your favorite movies. Shows and games cleaner, brighter and sharper than ever.

Equipped with Resolution-Plus. Your Toshiba 37XV635DB 1080p LCD TV receiver will produce almost HD quality images with all regular definition TV programs. DVDs and themes you watch while providing the purest video quality. and spectacular possible from all regular sources.

The Meta Brain processing engine, exclusive to REGZA models. It uses a complicated and complex procedure to always improve the images that appear on the screen.

Without compromising video excellence, Toshiba REGZA LCD TVs with the EcoPanel display is specially designed to use much less energy than a traditional LCD TV receiver.

So translucent that it will take up to half of the light to illuminate it compared to conventional panels. Toshiba’s EcoPanel engineering uses only the highest quality and the clearest materials possible to make these LCD screens.

A television with a standard LCD screen requires powerful backlights to provide power to your screen. This is where most of the electricity consumption comes from.

By reducing the amount of light needed to illuminate the screen. REGZA LCD TVs with EcoPanel will produce the corresponding HD image excellence and have almost half the power consumption.

Active Vision M100 Pro 100 Hz technology allows you to watch fast-paced sports and actions like never before. Even in Full HD 1080p with only 50 Hz, details and clarity will be lost with a quick activity.

The images shown are not updated fast enough to keep up with the activity you observe on a normal 50 Hz television.

Active Vision M100 Pro works by displaying new transition images between the initial transmission images. Doubling the normal amount of individual images per second.

Toshiba Dolby volume puts an end to these disturbing disturbances in commercial sound levels and when switching between TV channels, giving a uniform volume point at all times.

This feature frees you from the request to continue searching for the remote control every time a new business interruption occurs, and you must start again after restarting the program you are watching.

Dolby keeps the volume in one plane, ensuring that it does not change when the input signal changes.

The resulting effect is to have an enhanced visual pleasure in the Toshiba 37XV635DB, eliminating the need to continuously correct the sound volume.

Toshiba’s unique engineering, Auto-View, included in the Toshiba 37XV635DB, automatically adjusts video settings based on not only the room light, which is generally characteristic of today’s top LCD televisions, but also Also of the theme represented on the screen.

The technology eliminates the need to always adjust the brightness of the backlight and color settings to find the best projection experience in any environment.

The ambient light level sensor will continuously study the lighting level of the room and adjust the backlight of the LCD screen accordingly.

If you really need a slim TV that has all the features you could want at an affordable price. The Toshiba 37XV635DB certainly deserves a closer look.

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