Apple iPhone 4G: considering the technology of the future

Apple’s iPhone 4G could well be the smartphone of the century if the recent trend of reports and rumors continues.

Apple’s iPhone 4G has features that nobody would have imagined. Interesting complements, special features, and very simple developments dot this Apple product.

One of the first revisions in Apple’s iPhone 4G indicated that the new iPhone would have a special iChat function. This was resolved by the front camera. This is a new addition that is not available on the iPhone 3GS. Some reports suggest that this smartphone would have an improved 5-megapixel camera with external flash for better quality and definition in captures. This camera would be more powerful than the 3 MP found on the iPhone 3GS.

A notable feature as some sites suggest seems to be the lack of traditional Apple curved design elements. The iPhone 4G could boast a very professional, minimalist and simple look without the soft curves and edges of the iPhone 3GS. The base of this device seems to be completely flat instead of the curves of the iPhone 3GS.

One of the clearest indicators of new generation technology seems to be the use of micro-SIM instead of common SIM. Although there is still no confirmation from Apple, the device could simply support micro-SIM. The functionality of the Apple iPhone 4G is definitely different from all other phones, including its predecessor. The phone is supposed to weigh around 140 g, quite close to what the iPhone 3GS weighs. Old volume buttons, phone lock, etc. They have been remodeled and made of metal. It gives a better, classic and richer feeling.

The Apple iPhone 4G version is completely unknown.

In fact, its very existence remains mysterious. But some reports and rumors have emerged that seem completely true. The price of Apple’s iPhone 4G is also unknown, but market reports suggest they would be around the same value as the iPhone 3GS. Given all the development and progress of the iPhone 4G, this analysis certainly seems interesting, but only time will tell.

It is said that the smartphone’s operating system is based on the iPhone OS 4.0 and would support 4G, the most advanced and advanced network technology ever known. With higher speeds and almost total connectivity, no matter where we are, the product would definitely become the most advanced device.

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