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Screen technology has a high score on HTC Incredible S

When it comes to mobile phones, the new HTC Incredible has a lot in its favor.

It has a striking appearance, a great camera and, in Google 2.3, one of the best-operating systems. However, there is one aspect of this phone that really stands out when it is first used. It is a very high-quality screen that is offered.

The screen of this phone uses the latest Super LCD technology. That offers the perfect compromise between standard TFT screens and expensive AMOLED varieties. The LCD has been the most popular format not only in the mobile phone industry. But also in home entertainment for the past few years. Super LCD is effectively the same format, but with great improvements to update the system and in line with OLED screens that fit the design of some manufacturers’ phones. Part of the reason that HTC took this route is due to a great shortage of production of the OLED variety. But also to the fact that SLCD also works, if not better. Not only the viewing angles on the screen are improved, but the colors should appear more vivid, resulting in better image quality.

These improvements are achieved by minimizing the refraction of light. That is caused by the distance between the top glass panel of the phone. Then the screen panel that is placed under it. By decreasing the space between the two, the resulting improvements were evident.

As for the specifications,

the HTC Incredible S shows an impressive resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. That to be fair has become the benchmark for a modern high-end smartphone. Therefore, the device has the same resolution as the equally impressive Samsung Galaxy S. The manufacturers decided to increase the screen size of this phone to 4 inches, instead of the 3.7 found in many of its models. While this does not take the model in the Desire HD areas. It offers a perfect compromise and should be appreciated by the general user of the phone. As well as by multimedia enthusiasts who want a larger screen but not one that makes the phone Too much Great to be practical.

The screen, as expected, uses capacitive touch screen technology to provide the user with an unparalleled experience in terms of responsiveness. While multi-touch support further improves this as it allows the use of the popular pinch to zoom.

The screen technology found in the HTC Incredible S goes hand in hand with its equally impressive specifications in other areas. It should help make this model as popular as the other successes HTC has had with previous models.

Featured HTC

A closer look at HTC Desire Z

The new HTC Desire Z will appeal to smartphone enthusiasts who frequently use their phones for email and messaging.

Thanks to the excellent Qwerty keyboard designed with the cursor.

The Desire Z is one of the few races of high-end phones that really has a keyboard. The familiar keyboard layout has one or two practical additions. A search button certainly saves time, and there are also two keyboard shortcut buttons. The presence of a tab key also saves a lot of time when completing forms. The keyboard has four rows of keys that appear to be well spaced. The mechanism itself seems solid, and instead of using the sliding system adopted by many brands, it is lifted and placed in the rest position. The battery life of the Desire Z is impressive.

The battery itself is a 1300 mAh lithium-ion unit that can provide the user with up to 430 hours of 3G standby time or 6 hours and 40 minutes of talk time. In practice, the phone should last about two and a half days of average use. In terms of performance, the phone is less demanding than the Desire HD that was launched at a similar time. Operating with only 512 MB of RAM, the 800 MHz processor seems sufficient for what you ask. The phone operates at lightning speed and, aside from the Desire HD premium specification, this model remains one of the best phones available. 1.5 GB of internal memory is available for storing files and data, and a micro SD card slot leaves room for expansion if necessary.

HTC Desire Z offers users a wide range of multimedia features.

The camera function produces excellent results, with images that appear clear and full of color. With 5 million pixels, the resolution is quite standard for smartphones. Autofocus ensures that the shots are kept as clear as possible, and an LED flash is always an advantage in darker conditions. The phone can also geo-tag photos, placing a geographical position in its images. The video certainly impresses, thanks to the excellent HD 720P capture. This produces a very high level of footage, consistent with the current range of domestic TVs available. An FM RDS tuner means that the user can listen to radio stations instead of their own multimedia files, however, if you want to keep your own music, MP3 and eAAC + are among the multitude of compatible formats.

The HTC Desire Z is based on the great foundations established by the original Desire and adds an excellent keyboard to the equation, resulting in a package with an impressive phone.


A preview of the new HTC Explorer device

Recently we have seen a range of new phones launched by HTC that cover all areas of the market.

We saw the Sensation XL with its large screen that is perfect for multimedia users and also the HTC Rhyme. That is an attractive phone for the female audience. Now it’s HTC Explorer’s turn, a phone for people who have never had a smartphone before.

The HTC Explorer is HTC’s new entry-level model and is under the popular Wildfire S device of the brand’s range. The model aims to simplify the entire smartphone experience while providing good performance and functionality. The design of the phone is nice and very compact because it offers a small 3.2-inch screen. Instead of using the metal back panel found in many high-end models. This phone offers a rubber finish that feels very comfortable when in use.


The phone will be available in a black or blue finish, but the back cover is interchangeable. That means that colors can be easily exchanged, so more variations are expected. The phone is about the width and height of a credit card, which is very attractive. But the small size of the screen can have its drawbacks when it comes to tasks such as surfing the web. We’re a little extra size can have been useful

HTC Explorer would not be expected to match the tastes of Sensation XL and Evo 3D for technical specifications and does not. But still offers enough to ensure fast and satisfactory operation. A 600 MHz processor is more than enough to ensure that the phone operates at a fast speed, and when you perform a single task, you can expect the performance to be at a level similar to models like Wildfire S.


If you start to Using the phone’s multitasking features. It is here that you can notice that the phone slows down a bit. However, it is unlikely that someone who wants to buy a phone based on its multitasking benefits looks at this model first. A 3 million pixel camera is installed to capture these random moments and the image quality is quite satisfactory in daylight. Although it suffers when darker scenes are photographed. In terms of connectivity, the model offers WiFi facilities with 3G so you can be sure of an excellent web connection. Whether you are at home or away from it.

HTC Explorer is the perfect first step in the world of Android and should touch-sensitive fiber in certain areas of the market. As the holiday season approaches, this competitively priced model could be a real success for HTC.


HTC One: a gift for HTC followers

Many HTC followers believe that HTC One is one of the best smartphones the company has presented.

It has all the features that make it a powerful competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Apple iPhone 5 and other high-end devices.

HTC One is a smartphone that was designed to be the best smartphone in the industry. To achieve this feat, this phone must be as attractive as Sony Xperia Z, as powerful as Nexus 4 and as sophisticated as Galaxy S4. In terms of design, HTC One is absolutely perfect. It has a precise aluminum body that fits perfectly along the dimensions of the phone, leaving no space at all. Well, due to a metal body, it is slightly heavier with 143 grams than other smartphones. However, it gives the device a feeling of robustness. The size of the phone is 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm, which is a bit thicker than Apple’s iPhone 5.

The power/lock button is located on the top edge of the phone, while the volume control is on the sides. In addition, in the front, there are two rectangular grills to accommodate the speakers. HTC One runs on Android version 4.1.2 and uses the HTC Sense user interface. The powerful operating system eliminates all the inconvenience and keeps the phone running smoothly. Another unique feature that can be found on HTC One is BlinkFeed, which is a news aggregator. It allows you to customize your social networks and add a series of compatible news sources.

HTC One has an excellent 4.7-inch Full HD 1080p screen that has a pixel density of 468 PPI.

The magnificent screen produces high levels of color reproduction and contrast and gives you a brilliant video and video game experience. HTC One phone has a 4 ultrapixel camera, which is different from the megapixel. This technology captures more light and produces better photos than megapixel technology. This may seem confusing to buyers; However, the HTC One camera is among the best you’ll see in the industry. It also has several add-ons, including the HTC Zoe, which allows you to take 20 images while recording a three-second video clip. Under the solid case of HTC One phone, you’ll find a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor that works with 2 GB of RAM, which makes this device one of the fastest smartphones available on the market.


HTC Sensation: a review

How sensational is the feeling of HTC?

You are the judge because I give you a brief description of some of the capabilities of this device.

It has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Which offers super-fast speeds for all your multitasking and intensive gaming needs. So you no longer have to worry about delays when changing applications.

The HTC Sensation is also the first smartphone released with Sense 3.0. Which offers a different and better user experience compared to other HTC smartphones.

The screen is a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen that is very reactive to the touch and offers a rich mix of colors for excellent user experience.

The HTC sensation runs on the Android 2.3 (gingerbread) operating system. Which offers numerous download options from the Google Play store.

On the device,

the volume controls are located on the right, also on the right, the micro USB port. On the back is the 8-megapixel autofocus camera that can record videos in 1080 HD resolution. It also has a double LED flash and an external speaker. Activating the external speaker is very easy since you do not need to press the speaker button, simply turn the device to your screen and the talk mode will be activated. On the top of the device are the power button and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The device comes with a 1520 Milli Amp battery that provides about 6-7 hours of talk time and about 400 hours of standby time. It also has a front VGA camera for video and Skype chats.

The HTC Sensation comes with a quick start guide, a charger, rechargeable batteries, a USB cable, and an 8GB micro SD card.

Other interesting features of the device are its portable Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities that can connect up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Bluetooth 3.0 and a web browser with Flash Player 10.1. With this device, you also have access to many applications, custom HTC widgets and various ways to customize your device.

The phone is designed for the T-Mobiles 4G HSPA mobile broadband network that gives you access to ultra-fast 4G connectivity, from where your download and browsing experience occurs at the best available speeds.

All this and more helps make HTC feel a truly sensational mobile device.


HTC Desire HD: technology that can beat it all

HTC is one of the leading companies in the current market that belongs to the production of mobile phones.

Many HTC phones work in the market and have completely satisfied their users with extraordinary performance. The products designed by this manufacturer are advanced in functionality. Rich in quality and have unmatched specifications and properties. The reliable and world-class performance of these devices is an important property. Today, the offers of HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire are extraordinary. Therefore, they are in great demand, with unparalleled and incredible popularity. As the device is fantastic and has all the desired features you would expect from a smartphone. The deals in gray are magnificent.

HTC Desire HD is a device that works with both the 2G network and the 3G network and looks wonderful with a very finished body with an excellent surface. The giant LCD screen of this very high-resolution 4.3-inch smartphone adds to the appearance of this device. The fast and updated processor implemented in an Android v2.2 (Froyo) operating system makes the device performance incredibly fast. The Internet experience with this device is excellent and admirable since this phone can connect to the Internet through 3G, EDGE and GPRS and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB provide you with other connectivity options. The excellence of this device is the reason behind the offers made on this device.

HTC Desire HD is a successful mobile phone that has made sales records and captured people from all over the world. With the offers made to them, you can get this wonderful device at incredibly cheap prices, as well as many other benefits and valid offers.


HTC Legend on T-Mobile

The HTC Legend is the latest HTC phone

That offers the new Android 2.1 operating system and joins the recent HTC Desire as a smaller alternative.

Originally released in the Orange and Vodafone offers at the end of March. followed by an O2 launch a few days later. The HTC Legend was later released as a free SIM card and unlocked the mobile phone. As well as its latest network launch in T-Mobile.

This fourth network version for HTC Legend means that there are now even more monthly contract rates to choose from when trying to meet your usage needs. In addition to adding new free gift packages to the offer portfolio. for this latest HTC phone.

As mentioned,

the Legend is a more compact phone than the HTC Legend Desire released earlier. That incorporates a large 3.7-inch AMOLED touch screen that dictates a larger phone size. The HTC Legend reduces it to 3.2 inches and offers them the same Large camera and 5.0-megapixel operating system. As well as the new Friend Stream feature that organizes all your friends. Contacts and emails from online social networks in a single transmission without interruptions.

There are several home screens that can be customized with shortcuts. Application widgets that can be quickly downloaded from the Android store through HSDPA. The HTC Legend also features the “ chin ” design first seen on the previous HTC Hero, for which the latter is a direct update.

The chin ” acts on two fronts, the first to protect the main touch screen when the phone is face down on a surface and the second to tilt the microphone closer to the mouth during a conversation for clarity.

The manufacturer has been busy recently. It also launched the new HTC HD Mini along with HTC Desire and Legend phones. The new HD Mini is a miniature version of the Windows HD2 phone that also incorporates a 3.2-inch screen. It makes it an alternative for those who do not want the Android operating system.

The competition continues in the form of the Nokia X6 and Sony Ericsson Vivaz. Both with a 3.2-inch touch screen and the new Samsung Wave that incorporates the first Super AMOLED screen.

Other network launches are planned for HTC Legend with Virgin Mobile and the dedicated 3G network; 3 Mobile again to launch this latest Android phone.