Symbian Anna was launched on Nokia X7 and E6

The operating system is gaining greater media exposure due to its constant evolution.

And the frequency with which new features are introduced.  You may be forgiven for thinking that there are only three in the form of Android, Apple iOS and Windows 7, but there is a fourth platform that has always offered a great user experience and is appreciated by my many phone users. Symbian is the operating system chosen by Nokia phones and the platform has just launched its latest version. Also, Symbian Anna will be delivered on two of the latest Nokia phones, which are the E6 and X7 models, with some excellent improvements over previous versions of the system.

Symbian Anna seeks to align the platform

with the likes of the most impressive Android operating systems visually and on HTC and Samsung devices. The first notable change is that the design of the icons has been redesigned. So that the images are not only clearer. But appears much more three-dimensional than the previous offers that began to look a bit dated. Especially with the screen resolution. on phones that improve all the time.

Another new feature of this update is the addition of a virtual keyboard accessible in vertical mode instead of in previous models that only offered a horizontal version. It is still useful if you want to respond quickly to the text. But the horizontal version is still useful for composing longer answers. Another area where the update has improved is the Ovi Maps function. Ovi Maps is Nokias’ own map and navigation system and is now much easier to use. The maps now include public transportation routes, predictive search, and integration with social networking sites.

The manufacturers launched in 2011 two new phones equipped

with this latest operating system, the Nokia X7, and the E6. The X7 is the large-screen multimedia beast designed to compete with HTC Desire HD and the Samsung Galaxy S2. The phone comes with a 4-inch screen perfect for managing not only a variety of multimedia files but also for mobile games. The phones look slightly different from most phones thanks to the angled corners that distinguish the phone from the crowd. An 8-megapixel camera and 720P video capture provide quality results, while the tempered glass that the body is made of gives the phone greater durability. The E6 is aimed at the most professional users and offers a combination of a full Qwerty keyboard and a touch screen. Like the X7, the phone impresses in the camera department with HD video and 8-megapixel photography easily.

The latest operating system update makes the platform more compatible with some of its best-known rivals. While the two new phones offer the usual combination of excellent Nokia style and specifications. quality.

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The Nokia N8: a good balance between style and functionality

Are you looking for a phone with the best possible multimedia features,

combined with a modern look, look no further than the new Nokia N8.

The Nokia has a Symbian v3 operating system that should compete with Android. It remains to be seen, but the system looks promising and has nice touches. The operating system is compatible with an impressive processor that is an ARM 11 680Mhz agreement. A 3D graphics accelerator completes what an impressive hardware package is. In terms of connectivity, you can always be sure of an excellent connection thanks to the range of options available in this model. When appropriate, WiFI offers the best overall experience thanks to its speed. But this is not very useful when traveling, so 3G connectivity is a great advantage. With quite ample coverage now, 3G offers the fastest data transfer speeds outside of WiFi.

If you are in an area where there is no connection, there are suitable pending replacements in the form of GPRS and EDGE, both of class 33. Locally, the phone supports Bluetooth in its latest version, which is version 3. This allows a wireless connection Easy to a wide range of products. A micro USB port accompanies the rare HDMI jack on the phone to offer what really is a very complete package. The Internet browser on the phone supports multi-touch to pinch and zoom, as well as Flash installations, which unfortunately are still lacking in Apple’s efforts.

When talking about other functions available on the elegant Nokia N8,

It seems that it starts with the camera, which is probably the most impressive available on any phone. Instead of separating from the hunting package with a small increase in the 5-megapixel industry standard, Nokia has completely ignored 8 million pixels and has gone straight to the amazing 12-megapixel quality. What is impressive is that the manufacturer is not happy to sit and let the camera do its job, and has further improved its quality by including superior optics in the form of Carl Zeiss lenses. That brings depth to the cliché that otherwise does not It would have been achieved.

To match the reference set by the camera, the video installation is equally impressive thanks to the high definition capture. At a frame rate of 25 per second and a resolution of 720 lines scanned gradually. This keeps the N8 in line with the best smartphones available. A useful feature is the HDMI port that has been installed. That means an easy connection to an HDTV to view your images, in addition to the good result that the screen offers.

Nokia really seemed to have stepped up its game with this latest model. Although multimedia equipment stands out, style lovers will appreciate the wide range of colors available on this phone. The most practical will recognize the excellent battery life.

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Nokia C7 with AMOLED display technology

Nokia has introduced a new mid-range smartphone in its ranks in the form of the impressive new Nokia C7.

A smartphone with excellent connectivity and multimedia functionality.

The Nokia C7 has a high score in the style department. The model is available in a range of colors for anyone who wants to get away from the traditional black finish. The construction of the phone is almost completely made of plastic. That makes the phone a little cheaper than its older brother, the N8. But, on the other hand, the phone is nice and light with only 130 grams. The overall dimensions of the phone are 117.3 x 56.8 x 10.5 mm. The depth and width measurements are particularly pleasant, which makes this phone as comfortable as any other we found while using it.

The C7 incorporates a high-quality 3.5-inch screen that appears to be the perfect size for a versatile phone. Large enough to display web pages and media while keeping it compact enough to keep the total size to a minimum. The screen moves away from TFT technology in favor of the more advanced AMOLED screen. The result is a thin screen that produces a naturally rich color tone. In terms of resolution, the C7 offers an impressive 360 ​​x 640 along with a capacity to manage up to 16 million colors.

In addition to being a smartphone,

the Nokia C7 is also a very powerful multimedia tool. The 8 GB of storage built into the phone should be sufficient for the average user, but if you need a little more space, you can simply add a micro SD card at your convenience, and the phone accepts this up to 32 GB. The camera of this phone offers users a final product of 8 megapixels of high quality, with an aspect slightly higher than 5 million pixels that seem to have become the industry standard.

The snapper is a matter of fixed focus, but it offers face detection along with a very efficient dual-LED flash. You can also record crystal clear high definition video images. This means that the results are in a resolution of 720P at a frame rate of 25 per second. The C7 handles a multitude of audio files, including MP3 and eAAC +, and with the addition of a stereo connector, you can listen to your music on almost any headset you choose.

The Nokia C7 attacks the mid-range smartphone market currently dominated by tastes like HTC Wildfire. This should be a success for the C7 thanks to its excellent HD installations and its improved Symbian 3.0 operating system.


Nokia E5 offers smartphone technology with a different touch

The Nokia E5 is not a phone that would generally be considered a Nokia mobile phone.

Since its unusual style is significantly different from the previous ranges. However, it seems that this Nokia phone has taken into account the desire of consumers for simplistic text functionality. As evidenced by the range of Blackberry mobile phones. To offer a phone that competes with the Blackberry.

Effective communication is an integral part of any phone and this mobile phone offers a complete set of connectivity options. Including web access through its Wi-Fi connection and HSDPA. Offering speeds of up to 10.2 Mbps, which is one of the faster available. In addition, blue teeth, micro USB, EDGE and GPRS are also offered as standard.

This phone has to do with efficient functionality. The backbone of this phone is its 600 MHz processor, as well as the Symbian operating system. Within this unit, the operating system is version 9.3 and provides an efficient platform for the relevant functions and features it contains.

The phone offers an effective combination of entertainment and productivity with its 5.0-megapixel camera.

That comes with a fixed focus, as well as an LED flash and also functions as a VGA video recording device. While MP4 / MP3 multimedia playback capabilities Phone provides hours of entertainment for its owner. To complement this, a stereo FM radio is also included. As well as a variety of downloadable games that offer alternative entertainment media. Additional features include GPS functionality that provides efficient satellite navigation, a useful organizer, Flash Lite version 3.0, as well as voice/dial command functionality.

To ensure that the user is properly entertained. The screen is 2.3 inches full-size and TFT in nature while offering 256,000 color combinations on a 320 x 240-pixel screen. The QWERTY keyboard mentioned above and the multidirectional navigation key provide simplistic text input and efficient ways to navigate the included functions and features.

The Nokia E5 white is one of the available color options. That offers alternatives to consumers when considering this enigmatic and impressive mobile phone.


Nokia N95: Take the fast track

Nokia mobile phones are very popular among experienced mobile users, and not without reason.

The latest mobile phones in Nokia chat have very innovative capabilities. In addition, many of these phones have an equally impressive appearance, a fact that fashion-conscious people around the world appreciate. In addition, a third factor attracts potential users to Nokia mobile phones. Many people are attracted to Nokia’s brand value. There are quite a few users who associate these mobile phones with the best in terms of quality. With Nokia mobiles, many of them believe that they are acquiring quality products that would meet their changing needs in the most complete way and that will last a lifetime. A phone that demonstrates all this and a little more is the Nokia N95.

The Nokia N95 mobile phone is one of the Nokia N series phones, which by their nature are powerful enough to connect, entertain and inform users of modern phones. The Nokia N95, one of the high-end phones in the series, comes with all these brand qualities. You can use the phone to connect on the move and access the best in terms of entertainment. It is also possible that the owner of a Nokia N95 mobile phone searches the Internet for the latest updates. All these capabilities combined with the very sophisticated design make this Nokia mobile phone a gadget to acquire and use.

There are many options that make the Nokia N95 mobile phone quite attractive.

The design of the phone is sophisticated and very elegant, on the other hand. In fact, it sets the tone for the high-end capabilities that one would gradually discover using the device over a period of time. The phone comes with open slide design. It is light and small profile; This ensures that transporting the Nokia N95 from one place to another is not a problem. The phone comes with a built-in 5-megapixel digital camera that can be used to capture stunning images and video clips. The connectivity options are complete and equally impressive. The owner of a phone can take full advantage of USB, infrared, Bluetooth, GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA and WLAN connectivity.

Another MP3 player and FM radio options are the other main attractions of this phone. The musical experience can be personalized; There are specific headphones that can be used for this purpose. Music files, images, and other content can be stored quite easily. The 150 MB of internal memory that can be expanded using a microSD card slot ensures that there is no shortage of memory space.

Another unique feature of this high-end mobile phone is its inherent GPS functionality.

The owner of a phone can use it to locate his position in distant destinations. In this way, the user can find the best routes between two unknown places, as well as focus on specific places without any problem.

The easy availability of the Nokia N95 mobile phone is like the icing on the cake. Several leading service providers offer excellent deals on this high-end Nokia mobile. The duration of the contract could be 12 months or 18 months. The rental of free lines and the tariff options of these mobile phone contracts are very affordable. With incentives in the form of free 3-month insurance and free rental of lines during specific periods, these offers are the best possible.


Nokia N91 Review – An indispensable smartphone

The Nokia N91 is an interesting addition to the Nokia N series phone series.

It has dimensions of 113.1x55x22 mm and weighs 164 g. This smartphone has a lot to offer, such as 4 GB of internal storage in micro-units with 64 MB of RAM. 30 MB of additional storage is available for text messages, events and contacts, so you will never be afraid of running out of space to store these things.

Digital services include themes, games, graphics such as logos, animations, and icons, as well as poly ringtones and true tones. The phone screen is a 262k color screen with a resolution of 176×208 that measures 2.1 inches. For connectivity and navigation, Nokia offers the following features on the N91: A WAP 2.0 browser with Symbian OS v9.1 3rd edition. It also has synchronization capability, Bluetooth, Nokia PC Suite, USB, EG and WLAN. The messaging capability includes instant messages, text messages, predictive text input, MMS and SMS. You also have the ability to send emails with a convenient email client. It has personal PIM management, PIM printing, contacts, a list of tasks and a calendar. The N91 is a three-band device that works on WCDMA, GPRS, and EDGE networks.

Images are also a large part of this particular phone. The Nokia N91 has a 2MP camera with a 20x zoom that can capture decent still images at 1600×1200 pixels. Image viewers are compatible with PNG, JPEG, BMP, EXIF,  ​​and GIF. Advanced camera modes include image quality, burst, and photography, as well as brightness adjustment, self-timer and night modes. Video formats will include playback of Real Video, 3GPP, MPEG4 and H.263. Image viewers include PNG, JPEG, EXIF,  ​​and GIF. You can download and play multimedia files on this phone.

Music is also a powerful part of the N91.

This includes visual radio and FM radio, as well as a powerful music player optimized for listening. You can also answer calls even when players are working. This player has a volume, a 5-band equalizer and mixing functions. The sound is Hi-Fi quality and the formats played are AMR-NB, MP3, Real, M4A, eAAC + AAC, AAC + True Tones and AMR-WB. For voice applications, it has a hands-free speaker, voice commands, a recorder, and dialing. Alert types include MP3 ringtones, poly tones, and vibrations. Call handling includes conference calls, logs, auto-answer, contacts, auto redial and speed dial.

Powered by a standard Li-lon 900mAh battery, the Nokia N91 can last up to 190h (2G) / 170h (3G) standby and up to 4h (2G) / 3h (3G) in conversation. Your continuous music playback will last 10 hours on this particular phone. The Nokia N91 is available in three colors available: black for Music edition, light blue chrome, and dark gray chrome. Most reviews of this product are positive. When rating this phone, most users rated it 90 out of 100, which puts it in the excellent category.

It is a small smartphone that is full of the functions you need and need in a good smartphone of any size or configuration. Give other smartphones a run for their money and constantly compete with the Sony Walkman W800 without losing ground. The full functionality of the package will surely attract the most demanding people who want a multimedia smartphone capable of keeping them connected, entertained and informed while they are elegant and capable of beating. Nokia N91 is a smartphone that is at the top of the list of must-see visits.


Nokia mobile phones: the first option for everyone

Mobile phones have become an indispensable necessity for almost everyone.

these small devices have revolutionized the world of communication. Our lives have been greatly facilitated by these miraculous widgets. With the help of these innovative devices, you can make many things work from anywhere in the world. These gadgets have become one of the best media. The application of these business-focused devices has grown considerably in recent years. Previously, these widgets were mainly used for personal purposes. But in the current scenario, these mobile phones have become very effective commercial tools. Many companies today take the support of these devices to market their products with the most effective features, that is, through messages. Following strong competition in this area, many telecommunications companies have also emerged. These mobile phone manufacturers produce a lot of innovative phones with wonderful features and claim to offer distinguished performance to attract modern mobile device enthusiasts.

Nokia mobile phones are very popular worldwide because of their reliable and durable factor. The distinctive quality of these phones has been appreciated worldwide. One of the amazing aspects of these Nokia phones is their ability to deliver outstanding performance. So, these gadgets are very robust and durable. With a great battery life integrated into these devices, the design of these devices is also amazing. You do not need to charge these gadgets at regular intervals. So you can travel anywhere without having to charge the phone charger. Nokia mobile phones are also widely recognized worldwide due to their advanced innovative features and their ability to deliver a fantastic performance. Nokia has become one of the world’s leading mobile phone providers. He has won more than 35% market share and that also for his determination and hard work.

Some of Nokia’s latest devices are:

Nokia N96, Nokia N95, Nokia E61, Nokia 2630, Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte, Nokia 6300 Black, and many more phones, recently launched by Nokia and that is touring the world. For example, Nokia phones have built a stable niche in the global mobile market with innovative and highly sophisticated designs. These phones promise their mobile phone users optimal functionality with impeccable features and performance. These devices are widely recognized for their usefulness and durability. Nokia models are also known for their style, impressive appearance, efficient and enviable features, and outstanding performance. Nokia mobile phones are the preferred option for people who demand excellent value for their hard-earned money. You can communicate with immense pride and style with the Nokia N96 and enjoy great music with the fantastic Nokia music phones.

In addition,

You can share videos and images with several Nokia phones in incredible ways. These phones have fabulous ringtones, which would perfectly match your style and fashion. With support for high-end features, you can even set the melody of your favorite music and songs as your mobile phone’s ringtone.

Therefore, do not wait any longer, select a Nokia mobile phone that describes you, your personality and your style. For more details, you can browse the Internet, which can be very beneficial for you to find the right model that easily fits your needs. A large number of online portals have emerged, which would provide you with detailed details of these mobile phones. Therefore, you can make the best purchase through this support in a few minutes.