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A closer look at HTC Desire Z

The new HTC Desire Z will appeal to smartphone enthusiasts who frequently use their phones for email and messaging.

Thanks to the excellent Qwerty keyboard designed with the cursor.

The Desire Z is one of the few races of high-end phones that really has a keyboard. The familiar keyboard layout has one or two practical additions. A search button certainly saves time, and there are also two keyboard shortcut buttons. The presence of a tab key also saves a lot of time when completing forms. The keyboard has four rows of keys that appear to be well spaced. The mechanism itself seems solid, and instead of using the sliding system adopted by many brands, it is lifted and placed in the rest position. The battery life of the Desire Z is impressive.

The battery itself is a 1300 mAh lithium-ion unit that can provide the user with up to 430 hours of 3G standby time or 6 hours and 40 minutes of talk time. In practice, the phone should last about two and a half days of average use. In terms of performance, the phone is less demanding than the Desire HD that was launched at a similar time. Operating with only 512 MB of RAM, the 800 MHz processor seems sufficient for what you ask. The phone operates at lightning speed and, aside from the Desire HD premium specification, this model remains one of the best phones available. 1.5 GB of internal memory is available for storing files and data, and a micro SD card slot leaves room for expansion if necessary.

HTC Desire Z offers users a wide range of multimedia features.

The camera function produces excellent results, with images that appear clear and full of color. With 5 million pixels, the resolution is quite standard for smartphones. Autofocus ensures that the shots are kept as clear as possible, and an LED flash is always an advantage in darker conditions. The phone can also geo-tag photos, placing a geographical position in its images. The video certainly impresses, thanks to the excellent HD 720P capture. This produces a very high level of footage, consistent with the current range of domestic TVs available. An FM RDS tuner means that the user can listen to radio stations instead of their own multimedia files, however, if you want to keep your own music, MP3 and eAAC + are among the multitude of compatible formats.

The HTC Desire Z is based on the great foundations established by the original Desire and adds an excellent keyboard to the equation, resulting in a package with an impressive phone.


HTC Legend on T-Mobile

The HTC Legend is the latest HTC phone

That offers the new Android 2.1 operating system and joins the recent HTC Desire as a smaller alternative.

Originally released in the Orange and Vodafone offers at the end of March. followed by an O2 launch a few days later. The HTC Legend was later released as a free SIM card and unlocked the mobile phone. As well as its latest network launch in T-Mobile.

This fourth network version for HTC Legend means that there are now even more monthly contract rates to choose from when trying to meet your usage needs. In addition to adding new free gift packages to the offer portfolio. for this latest HTC phone.

As mentioned,

the Legend is a more compact phone than the HTC Legend Desire released earlier. That incorporates a large 3.7-inch AMOLED touch screen that dictates a larger phone size. The HTC Legend reduces it to 3.2 inches and offers them the same Large camera and 5.0-megapixel operating system. As well as the new Friend Stream feature that organizes all your friends. Contacts and emails from online social networks in a single transmission without interruptions.

There are several home screens that can be customized with shortcuts. Application widgets that can be quickly downloaded from the Android store through HSDPA. The HTC Legend also features the “ chin ” design first seen on the previous HTC Hero, for which the latter is a direct update.

The chin ” acts on two fronts, the first to protect the main touch screen when the phone is face down on a surface and the second to tilt the microphone closer to the mouth during a conversation for clarity.

The manufacturer has been busy recently. It also launched the new HTC HD Mini along with HTC Desire and Legend phones. The new HD Mini is a miniature version of the Windows HD2 phone that also incorporates a 3.2-inch screen. It makes it an alternative for those who do not want the Android operating system.

The competition continues in the form of the Nokia X6 and Sony Ericsson Vivaz. Both with a 3.2-inch touch screen and the new Samsung Wave that incorporates the first Super AMOLED screen.

Other network launches are planned for HTC Legend with Virgin Mobile and the dedicated 3G network; 3 Mobile again to launch this latest Android phone.


Google vs. Apple: why Google wins

300,000 Android activations per day.

This number has recently been tweeted by a Google executive and is generally accepted as a reliable source. Although this figure does not correspond one by one with the number of Android platforms sold per day, just a few months ago, this number of devices was “only” 200,000 per day. Given the growth rate, the 300,000 figure is certainly realistic today. This is equivalent to at least 10 million Android activations per month.

Android is not only one of the most successful operating system implementations in history, but the increase in its growth rate is even more surprising. Apple Inc., probably the first in the spotlight with a successful smartphone, the iPhone, is currently losing to Google. More than that, the company loses Google just as it lost the desktop market to the WinTel monster before WinTel was the “code name” for the acquisition of Windows / Intel desktop control. Not correctly estimate the reaction skills of the opponents. The company seems to act as if it controls its own private market and is the only monopoly in the city.

The decline of Apple Mac

Apple’s first major success in recent memory was the MacBook Air. It was fine as a laptop, but a wizard to look good and easy to transport. Fashion is valuable and Apple knows it. However, most laptops are not Mac. Last year, Apple’s penetration into the hardware world went from 7.4% to 6.4%, and it is likely that it will never recover these percentage points again.

Apple is known for its dedication to exclusivity and the elitist tone of its marketing, born from its only real success in the past, the education, and the art market. The competition focuses on the entire market. Another recent study shows that Apple owns 90% of the desktop market of more than $ 1,000. The truth is clear, Apple is exclusive and the money is low end. So how does Google handle this massive victory? Simple, using the word “free.” “Android is free, as are Google Maps, Gmail and most other Google activities. Rare is the consumer who has paid Google Inc. for anything.

A simple statement of truth

In the past, Apple had moved away so much from the company’s grace that only a $ 150 million injection from Microsoft, Bill Gates himself, saved the company from history books and bankruptcy. . The reason was the cloistered nature of the company and its product line. Apple is the only manufacturer of Apple computers. Any company that wants it can make a Windows PC.

For years,

Bill Gates and Microsoft have blocked Apple by focusing on the Windows operating system and leaving the hardware to others; Does it sound similar? Apple’s Mac OS X is closed, as is the market for its software products. The history of the Apple application began with a higher inventory than any other application store, as it was the only one that could offer applications for Apple products. Now, Apple’s app store falls to second place due to the rising tide of Android developers and most free products.


Apple has rejected three Google applications for inclusion in its App Store and most iPhone and iPad users search the Internet with Google from their Apple devices. With the success of the iPhone, Apple has had the opportunity to change its habits. The company chose to do what has not always worked, and the future belongs to Google and Android for that.

By focusing on the widest distribution in the market. Google has ensured that almost the hardware of smartphones manufactured today and tomorrow will work with Android. He did it by offering the free Android operating system and, at this price, who can buy elsewhere? Apple will disappear from history in the same way that it has faded from history in the past. However, “all the best people” will remain visible on Starbucks with an iPad for a little longer.